Helping Riders & Horses Reach Their Maximum Potential



 Beverly has had a wealth of experience and training that makes her extremely qualified to help others become better riders and develop closer relationships with their horses. Her educational qualifications include:

  • BS in Physical Education/Horsemanship from Averett University, 1978
  • British Horse Society’s Assistant Instructor’s Certification from the United Kingdom, 1978
  • Level 1 Certification from Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, 2003-present


Beverly has ridden and trained many winning show horses such as: Protocol, The News, Patterdale, Harvard Yard, Who's on First, Wintara Ring, Melmac, Chocolate, Choo Choo Charlie, Millpond's Iceman, Lola, Perfect Rainbow, Oden.

Beverly has also worked with many accomplished riders in the course of her career, such as:

  • Serving as ground person and road manager for Danny Robertshaw; a nationally ranked hunter rider
  • Trained Mardie Faucette and Protocol to Reserve Champion at Madison Square Garden, and Devon in the Large Junior Hunter Division and Amateur Owner Division, respectively, after having started Mardie in the Short Stirrup Hunter Division (1981-1989)
  • Trained Alex Mayes to the Reserve Small Pony Championship at Devon (2001) having started Alex as a beginner rider


Attended clinics with George Morris, Scott Hofstetter, Rodney Jenkins, Don Stewart, Buck Brannaman, Greg Eliel, Ann Kursinski and Jeffrey Welles.

Ridden in clinics with Buddy Brown, Michael Page, Scott Hofstetter, Lockie Richards, Kaye Normant and Nancy Lindroth